DiCarlo continues to strive to be on the Leading edge of providing an unparalleled shopping experience for you our valued customers. In keeping with our commitment we are proud to introduce an industry first The DiCarlo Gift Registry.

Specializing in Gift Registries designed for Ordinations, Anniversaries and other momentous occasions in the life of our Clergy as well as for those in Professed Religious Life.

Gift Registries can also be created to assist Churches, Schools and various Religious Institutions, with any Project Campaign Goal.

Setting up a Gift Registry for you or someone you know, is the perfect way to match the well wishes of Family Friends, Acquaintances and Benefactors that want to celebrate with you.



To get started with your Gift Registry, contact us via Email: or Phone 1-800-208-9452 and you will be assigned with one of our representatives.

We are here to help you create the perfect wish list for your occasion. Using our pre-built Registry lists as a starting point, you can be sure that all your wants and needs are covered.

  • You will be able to further personalize your Gift Registry by choosing items that complement your personal style and preference.
  • Narrowing down your choices between the wide variety of brands and styles that are available at different gift price points, across our vast selection.
  • Balancing your registry with great gifts at every price point, with the option also available for more expensive Gifts to be purchased by group’s of individuals.

Once your Gift Registry list is created, it will be available for you to share electronically and by physical printout. 

We also offer a thank you service that gives you the ability to thank all your well wishers after your Gift Registry has finished with a Thank You Card, or other small gift of appreciation at various price points.