Sacramental Wine

For celebrating the Holy Eucharist DiCarlo Religious Supply Centre Inc. is proud to present our Mont La Salle Sacramental Wine collection. Paired with being an exclusive distributor of the Mont La Salle label and an Authorized LCBO Vendor we are able to provide a collection that is only available at DiCarlo Religious Supply Centre Inc.

The Mont La Salle label created by The Christian Brothers are the oldest continuing producer in North America, as well as being the most widely recognized brand and label trusted since the 1880's.

Mont La Salle Sacramental Wine is an Alcohol Grape based product intended ONLY for use in religious ceremonies conducted by persons such as Priests, Ministers, and others authorized to preside at such ceremonies in a regular place of worship such as a Church, Chapel, or Temple.

Mont La Salle Sacramental Wine is not sold for public use and/or consumption at any social events.

In order to access the Mont La Salle Sacramental Wine collection for viewing/purchase, you will need a DiCarlo Account with Sacramental Wine Access.

Please note all applications require approval and are reviewed. All information presented will be verified as we strictly adhere to Government regulations.

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Create an Account, and check off Sacramental Wine Access to apply for Access.

Approved applications, will be notified with further details within 10 business days.

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