16"H Nativity Set

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Enjoy this stunning work of art, Each figure is handcrafted using moulds of images crafted by illustrious sculptors from the Olot School in the 19th and 20th centuries (Vayreda, Blay, Alentorn, Traité, etc.).

Each sculptor designed and adapted the figure by scaling the details and different nuances depending on their size. Our figures are never mass-produced scale reproductions; they come from moulds of original models. Each scale set is a handcrafted figure and also hand-decorated.

The decorative style is based on deep colors with a patina finish, like those of an antique carved figure; ornaments with the same oil-based paints.

  • Size: 16"H
  • Type: Coloured
  • Includes: 8 pieces (Holy Family, Three Kings, Ox, Donkey)

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