Christ Victorious Paschal Candle - Beeswax

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This 51% beeswax Christ Victorious paschal candle boldly declares the victory of Christ over death, sin, and Satan with its powerful design. The main piece of the paschal candle is the cross and rightfully so because it is through the cross that Christ wrapped up his victory! At the center of the cross is a navy-blue emblem with the Greek letters Alpha and Omega in Gold and around that are gold rays coming out from all sides that have the overall shape of an oval. Precisely where the wax nails rest on the cross are thick pieces of red wax that draw the user into the center of the paschal candle. The vertical bar of the cross helps to wrap up this powerful depiction with wax decals that contain symbols of the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ in navy-blue, red and purple. Item comes complete with nails and numbers.

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